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  1. How old are you? 14 SteamID Leezy™ Which of our server(s) do you play most on? Utopia How long have you been playing on Astro servers? 2 months Do you have any past moderation experience? no but i want to try it out Why do you want to become a Moderator? Because, I want to maintain a non toxic friendly enviorment for all new/old players, and I want to have a fun/chill atmosphere on the server, because as soon as a server becomes toxic/annoying it loses players, and I want to keep it chill so it could have many players on at a time and give people a chance to get to know others. Why should you be accepted to the staff team? I think i should be accepted because, I could maintain a chill, nontoxic server and get to know the players and help them in any way possible, and also take advice from the players on how to improve, also I think I would get along great with other players/ staff members because I am a chill, friendly person. Also I think I should be accepted because I want to punish people who mic spam, because it can get very annoying and piss off the players who may not want that.
  2. Did you link your Steam Account? Yes Are you apart of any other communities? No If you are apart of another community which community? Why do you want to become a Member? because the community on astro is good and i wanted to apply for moderator
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