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  1. I think they're should be more surf maps on astro-gaming csgo, what I basically mean is different maps than kitsune and utopia,
  2. agreed I woke up and came on to this site yesterday and I nearly went blind from the flash of light.
  3. i'm splash, 14 and im the best person you will ever meet 



    and dont you forget that

  4. What Division are you Applying for? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Whats your Discord name? splasheyyy #6154 Did you link your Steam Account? Yes Did you join the Discord Server? Yes Are you apart of any other communities? No If you are apart of another community which community? Why do you want to become a Member? The reason I want to be a member is cause I think it would be fun to interact with people, to be completely honest I just really like being apart of astro gaming.
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