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  1. Ive been grounded the past week. 😞 Ill be on soon. 

  2. -1 -_- Jon banned u num nutz
  3. Hello, I think it would be cool if we added Aura cosmetics to the CSGO Credit Shop. Auras are like trails but rather than following the person from behind they surround the person. Here is some CSGO Aura examples.
  4. 2Warm2Luv

    Beginners Guide

    Wow. Good detail my man. I hope this helps out some new players.
  5. 2Warm2Luv

    Tips & Tricks

    Hey guys, This sub forum seemed kind of dry. Lets help out the new players and leave tips & tricks for them below. Example: How to skip levels, how to double boost, etc. Be kind to one another and post below!! -2Warm2Luv
  6. Hey, I am 2Warm2Luv nice to meet you. I am 16 years old and I am from Los Angeles, California. I love to surf (IRL) and play video games. I am a freelance Graphic Designer and I hope to go to a Art school in New York one day. I started playing CSGO since launch and I have racked up over 1000+ hours on the game. I started doing CS surfing after I saw Streamers doing it before going into a big game. It is a stress reliever for me and you will always see me more relaxed when I hop on Kitsune for a bit and just spend time with the amazing Astro community. Some of the other games I love are Rainbow Six Siege, Borderlands, and Garrys Mod. I absolutely love animals, I have 3 dogs, a lizard, a couple of fish, and a tarantula! Thank you for listening about me and I hope to see you in game soon! Don't forget to say hi if you see me in game. -2Warm2Luv
  7. What Division are you Applying for? Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Whats your Discord name? 2Warm2Luv#4708 Did you link your Steam Account? Yes Did you join the Discord Server? Yes Are you apart of any other communities? No Why do you want to become a Member? I want to become a Member to show my dedication and enthusiasm to this server. This server is a amazing place filled with honest and real people. Whenever I am on the server I feel welcomed and I want to make sure new players feel that same way.
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