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  1. Please link your discord and steam account please
  2. Happy New Year We Remade the forum and other changes
  3. Ask TampaWtf hop in TS and ask him
  4. Name of the Event: Gucci's Men Event Event Date & Time: 09/07/2019 9:00 pm CST Event Host(s): Agera Who can participate?: Everyone Event Division/Other: CSGO -----> TTT Event Description: Gucci has selected you to kill as many people as you can using a Jihad! How do you Get Points? Killing people only using a Jihad How many points can i get? Unlimited How long is going to take the event? 3 Maps You don't know how use the items? https://astro-gaming.net/topic/141-how-to-use-menu-items/ If you don't know how to play TTT please read this: https://astro-gaming.net/topic/139-ttt-rules/ Event Prizes: 1.- $10 Dollars in Steam 2.- 1 Month of VIP 3.- 5,000 Credits
  5. Name of the Event: Event Date & Time: Event Host(s): Who can participate?: Event Division/Other: Event Description: Event Prizes:
  6. Please Join Our discord, You can follow the next video https://streamable.com/regvy
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