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Astro Bans

Welcome to Astro Bans

Here you can view all the details about your ban from Astro Gaming

ID Player Name Player SteamID Admin Name Admin SteamID Ban Date Ban Length Ban Reason Ban Status
499 mellonski hellcase.com INFO Marbo INFO  02/17/20

60 mins

consistantly toxic Ban Expired
498 Glizzock INFO CONSOLE INFO  02/17/20


[SourceSleuth] Duplicate account Currently Banned
497 Floorbus INFO kuhweer INFO  02/08/20

10000 mins

Racism and spamming Ban Expired
496 StatTrak™ yorga INFO kuhweer INFO  02/08/20

100000 mins

Racism and honestly has nothing better to do with his life Currently Banned
495 clint eastwood INFO kuhweer INFO  02/08/20

120 mins

Racism Ban Expired
494 Cuckdad INFO jayyy INFO  02/06/20

60 mins

Racist Ban Expired
493 I Am Wall Hacking INFO kuhweer INFO  02/05/20

4320 mins

Ban Evaded Twice. If you need more info u can talk to Fruity Ban Expired
492 Above INFO kuhweer INFO  02/04/20

100 mins

Get fucked by a fucking RETARD BITCH Ban Expired
491 Takoo INFO Siz INFO  01/30/20

120 mins

rascit Ban Expired
490 Lizzo`s Bathtub Water INFO Flippy INFO  01/30/20

120 mins

Racism/Chatspam Ban Expired
489 Azirity INFO Agera INFO  01/29/20


Trolling/Threats to the community Currently Banned
488 HOGART INFO Siz INFO  01/27/20

30 mins

wont stop Ban Expired
487 Inc™ INFO kuhweer INFO  01/26/20

2000 mins

Asked to be banned Ban Expired
486 KUNT PUPPY INFO kuhweer INFO  01/26/20

400 mins

Being innappropriate to underage women and is a fucking weirdo Ban Expired
485 Azirity INFO AdolfPaul INFO  01/26/20

120 mins

N-Word Ban Expired
484 BikiniBodhi INFO Marbo INFO  01/24/20

1440 mins

misspam Ban Expired
483 Perc 3 million INFO strawberry INFO  01/23/20

120 mins

Inappropriate Language Ban Expired
482 DemonZINGIBER INFO Flippy INFO  01/22/20

43200 mins

Toxicity,racism, severe disrespect Currently Banned
481 z-iwnl- INFO Siz INFO  01/22/20

120 mins

racsit Ban Expired
480 maya ♡ INFO Siz INFO  01/22/20

1 mins

love Ban Expired
479 Garfieldezy INFO Marbo INFO  01/21/20

1440 mins

dickhead micspam Ban Expired
478 Kekah INFO Marbo INFO  01/21/20

1440 mins

dickhead micspam Ban Expired
477 T.w² FEAR INFO Marbo INFO  01/21/20

120 mins

racism Ban Expired
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